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Who is Steven?


Steven D’Onofrio is a comedian from New York who emerged from the world of Anime and Gaming. He is quickly becoming the go-to host and emcee at Pop Culture, Anime and Gaming conventions. His high energy, quick wit and vast knowledge of all things anime & games instantly electrifies any event, whether it’s a Cosplay Contest, Game Show or one of his own live shows. Steven is also a leading content creator producing comedy videos for and the Unlocked app.

Steven gained international experience as the emcee for the World Cosplay Summit at ANI:ME 2016 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Stateside, he hosted a 14-show run at Anime Expo’s Night Cafe in 2017, performing for thousands of attendees. Following the show’s success, Steven took the role of co-producer and host of Anime Expo's brand new LATE NIGHT show: AX AFTER HOURS in 2018. The 12-show run was a major hit featuring stand up comedy, burlesque, musical performances and much more.

The True Colors Fund, Cyndi Lauper’s charity, working to end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth, recently brought Steven on as their first GLAMBASSADOR. He works hand in hand with The True Colors Fund to raise money and spread a message of awareness and acceptance. This partnership, and giving back to the LGBTQ community, is something very dear to his heart.

“COMIC GEMS,” D’Onofrio’s newest project, is a live variety show for Anime, Gaming and Pop Culture conventions featuring stand up comedy, sketches with Special guest appearances, interactive games and live music performances. All the proceeds made from the event go to The True Colors Fund.

As an advocate of living your truest self, Steven’s performanceS not only make his audience laugh, but encourageS them to feel comfortable about being who they are and to celebrate their individuality.

STEVEN also happens to sound - JUST like - Iago from Aladdin when he shouts. so if anything, there’s that.



In America, it is estimated that up to 1.6 million youth are homeless each year. Up to 40% of them identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, OR QUEER (LGBTQ). The True Colors Fund is committed to reducing that disproportionate percentage from 40% to none.

We believe that LGBT youth homelessness is a community issue. We believe that real change can happen when people come together with a shared vision. We believe in thinking outside the box – and that means working innovatively and collaboratively, as well as engaging unlikely partners in our work. In order to end LGBTQ youth homelessness, we need to think both proactively and reactively to come up with solutions that will lead to systemic change. That means working to not only end homelessness among LGBTQ youth, but to prevent it.

“comic gems” IS a brand new 90-minute comedy variety show to benefit the True Colors Fund, an organization co-founded by Cyndi Lauper to end LGBTQ youth homelessness. The event, created and hosted by True Colors Fund GLAMBASSADOR Steven D’Onofrio, will feature: stand-up comedy, SKITS WITH SPECIAL GUESTS, INTERACTIVE GAMES AND MUSIC PERFORMANCES. Not only is “COMIC GEMS” a fun night time charity event, but it is also one big celebration of individuality and love. Let’s come together to create a world where all young people can be their true selves.




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